What do you believe are appropriate charges to proofread articles, books, resumes, etc. ? No doubt there is a great variance in charges for proofreading. My quest here is to out what authors believe they should pay to have their work proofread only. Researching charges by an array of companies and people who proofread for a living I found an estraordinary spread of costs. These costs range from 1 cent per word to 10 cents. Some charged by the project. When the project cost was broken into a word count the charge was similar to the 1 to 10 cent range. Authors must take into account the difficulty of the subject matter and the lengths of their works, which unfortunately they generally do not. Please let us know what range of costs you believe a proofreader should charge. Thank you, Mark Davis, platomd@gmail.com Best Editing, Proofreading and Book Reviews


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